Nyack Paranormal takes a unique approach based on research and development. We challenge current beliefs, set up experiments to test them, apply critical thinking and review and then draw scientific conclusions from the data collected. We keep open and objective minds throughout the process. We also believe in sharing our knowledge, experience and results as a way to advance the community. Be Critical.

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NPI embarks on a series of explanations in regards
to commonly presented misinterpretations of data

Streaked Light
The first article examines a common photographic
presented as evidence by many groups.
Blinking Flashight
The second article in this series provides the explanation for
flashlight spirit communication
Burden of Proof- Orbs
We present evidence orbs are artifacts of the photographic method, we invite believers to to prove their claims
Just a Radio
Delving into some of the reasons why we do not believe the "ghost box" to be evidence of the paranormal.
K-II Meter- If you gotta use one…
Ways to improve you data collection.
Ghost Hunting- Guaranteed Success
We explore why groups are having little difficulty communicating with the dead.
Entertainment- NOT Truth
Many current TV shows are emulated by paranormal groups.
However, its all about entertainmet not the truth.

Testing the Validity of the Ghost Box as a Tool for Paranormal Investigation
Our latest research paper now online

Nyack Paranormal  EVP Experimental Research
Our novel approach to find out how and why

Nyack Paranormal 3D Photography
2009 Research-
Utilizing Digital Stereo Photography

2015 Research- Effectiveness of 3D Photography with Orbs

Dowsing Rod Rig
Removing human intervention and manipulation-
The Secure and Steady Dowsing Rod




Our investigations of the Shanley Hotel
The Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY "The Spirits are Inn"..

Our EVP experiment with interesting results!

Our Eastern State Penitentiary Possible EVP
May 2008 we attended a weekend event in Philadelphia, PA. Our first venture into investigating.


Our investigation of Old Palmer Burying Ground
A local cemetery where we may not have been alone. Quite interesting!

Our Visit to Historic Fort Mifflin
We had the opportunity to attend a great event, meet new friends and investigate.
Our second visit to Fort Mifflin



NPI on Web Shows
NPI on Mass Paranormal Radio NPI on Island Ghost Radio
NPI is Vincent J. Barra's guest on "Psychic Synapse"
NPI on Psychic Synapse Radio Show 7-8-2010!
NPI on Strange Frequencies Radio
NPI with Malice Cooper 7-14-2010! Listen here!

Mitch on Geeks and Ghosts 11-2014
NPI in Print  
Nyack Paranormal in Hudson Valley Magazine NPI- Q&A with LoHud- Lower Hudson Valley Journal News 2013
iWay article in Mysteries Magazine NPI in the Lower Hudson Valley Journal News 2014
Dowser article in Mt. Sterling Advocate- KY NPI with Shannon Sylvia in Paranormal Underground
Shannon and Mitch in Fate Magazine by Rick Moran NEW NPI in Nyack News and Views 2015
NYACK PARANORMAL began as a Father / Son team interested in keeping an open mind about the paranormal. We still pride ourselves on maintaining a unique approach with novel equipment and experimentation utilizing our scientific backgrounds.

Scientists by education and profession, we found it fascinating that people were searching for answers about the paranormal by attemting to use some scientific methods. We then started our research to lend our expertise in experimentation.

We seek other investigators with similar thoughts and ideas to collaborate with as well as offer some technical input for anyone who is in need. We want to learn and understand why potential paranormal events occur as well as help you understand.

We show respect to all buildings, locations, people, groups and spirits, never provoking or disallowing the beliefs of anyone.

We are always interested in connecting with other paranormal groups or local enthusiasts who have some experience. We are located in the Lower Hudson Valley in the vicinity of Nyack, NY.

Please contact us via email: contact@nyackparanormal.com



"Paranormal Unwrapped" Book by Shannon Sylvia & Katie Boyd
Mitch from NPI was cordially invited to be interviewed and it's included in the book!
Follow famous ghost hunter Shannon Sylvia (formally of Ghost Hunters International) and international demonologist/occult specialist Katie Boyd, as they take a journey through the world of the paranormal. Read interviews with leading paranormal investigators of today. Learn the business side of ghost hunting, including appropriate equipment to use, cataloging evidence, and building your own team. Follow the hunt for ghosts, aliens, and favorite supernatural creatures, such as the Chupacabra, Mothman, and Bigfoot. Learn the signs of alien abduction, study crop circles, and identify varied alien ships. Find out how close the scientific community is to proving the existence of ghosts. Explore the issues of television shows – examine hard facts and behind the scenes tidbits, determining whether such shows hinder paranormal research. Discover how demonology has become a popular subject of the paranormal. Nothing paranormal is off limits; it's being unwrapped.


The iWay Planchette


IT'S HERE!- The iWay Planchette for your Ouija
Board. Co-developed by SHANNON SYLVIA
from Ghost Hunters International and
MITCH S. from Nyack Paranormal.
A unique concept that anyone can
easily apply.

See the YouTube Commercial

The iWay Planchette allows you to challenge
the old ways and apply a modern scientific
approach to controlling the session.

The iWay will change the way you  
utilize Ouija boards in the

Check out Shannon's site HERE for new and unique paranormal tools including the Shadow Laser and TriPod!  




Mitch sees his FIRST APPARITION...then sees his second! The story is here... NYSP Apparition


Proud Member of Paranormal Discovery Alliance- A virtual group of like minded people seeking
scientific knowledge of the paranormal by utilizing a controlled approach and experimental design...

Shannon Sylvia

Jeff Sylvia
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The Shanley Hotel


Katie Boyd Author

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