Historic Fort Mifflin

September 5, 2009
Philadelphia, PA
Please check out the Fort Mifflin link to the right and do what you can to lend your support (click on photo).

We attended an event to help support Fort Mifflin's continued efforts to operate as a national treasure. We had the opportunity to meet new people and investigate most areas of the fort. 

Although there were many people present there were opportunities to find quiet areas throughout the evening.  Here we present three possible EVP's we are currently reviewing.

We also photographed the fort in 3D.  We hope a CD will be available for sale to help support the fort with 165 3D photos included.  We also have a few 'orb' pictures HERE

Please check out the Fort Mifflin link above and do what you can to lend your support.

At approximately 8:45 PM we ventured over to the west gate.  The gate leads outside the wall to the moat.  Just inside the gate on either side there is a small room with a couple of bunk beds inside.  We were the only two people present. When we reviewed the audio we found the following two possible EVP's.

At our audio mark 1:07:39 (record k01) we hear what sounds like a drawn out "what's that" (thank you NR for your expert interpretation) we originally thought it said "water"

At our audio mark 1:07:58 we hear what sounds like "Jose"

At approximately 10:30 PM we entered Casemate 11.  Approximately 19 minutes later we recorded the following at our audio mark of 0:38:42 (recordk02).

Not sure what it is yet, further analysis is needed.  Could it be a camera sound? The group seems to be responding to a flashlight blip.
Special thanks to PARA (Robyn, Nance, Erin, Mark, and the rest.)
Jason Gowin
Paul Michael Kane
Kenneth Biddle
Steve Mallon- Montco Paranormal
  (C) NyackParanormal