Nyack Paranormal Begins Experimental Research
on EVP Recording
January 2010
Experiment 1- Quadrophonic Recording  

Nyack Paranormal has designed a system where we will be recording EVP sessions through four channels simultaneously.  The amplified microphones will be calibrated with a constant tone generator. When the recording levels are set the microphones will be evenly spaced toward the four corners of a room. 

The set-up will once again be calibrated and the recording session will begin.  A standard EVP session will take place as the four channels, perfectly synchronized will record simultaneously to a laptop computer.  During the sessions standard digital voice recorders will also record as a reference and provide immediate playback capabilities.

When the recordings are complete the review phase will begin.  If a sound is found that is of questionable origin, an analysis of the sound is the next step.  The wave form peaks will be compared at the exact same point on the time line.  The quantified data are then compared to a Sound Model.

The model was previously constructed from measuring 100 points within a room of the constant tone. A relative measure for each microphone was entered into a data base and a formula derived that locates the tone within the room.. It can then be determined within one foot, where the recorded sound or EVP came from within the room. Since we are analyzing relative recording levels the system is scalable to a larger or smaller room.

The system can also help determine if these EVP sounds are imprinted directly to electronic media.  Since any sound in a room will provide some measurable level on all microphones, a direct imprint should either show volume on one or more microphones evenly, or show no level at all.  Any other results can be analyzed and compared as we collect more data in the future.

We can also set up one microphone in each of four separate rooms.  If an EVP is captured we can hopefully determine which room it came from or if it has been imprinted.

The microphones are limited to the approximate frequency response of the human voice 100hz to 6000Hz.  We are doing this for a couple of reasons- we are curious to see if EVPs occur in the same range as the human voice or imprints through the microphone in this range.  Also, the cost to set up these microphones for the early experiments was very low.  If we validate the proof of concept we can determine if more expensive specialized equipment needs to be used.

We feel this technique will be a valuable tool to help understand this phenomenon. It may revolutionize the way future sessions are recorded since this system can be assembled at a reasonable cost. Our finding will be published on our site late in 2010...

Experiment 2- Amplified Speech  
Nyack Paranormal will begin testing a simple amplified microphone and speaker system
for use during EVP sessions.
Many current theories suggest that spirits and EVPs occur in, or utilize the Electromagnetic Spectrum.  Many investigators use EMF meters in the attempt to catch paranormal activity. It is also theorized that EVPs may imprint onto the electronics of audio and video recorders by way of EMF. It is possible that spirits may move through the non-ionizing portion of the EMF spectrum (including the Extremely Low Frequencies- ELF) as living humans move through air.  Our speech is only heard by others because the vibrations from our vocal chords vibrate through the air and then vibrates someone else's eardrums.  No air equals no sound. 


Consider the possibility that on a very rare occasion our voices overlap with the ELF portion of the EMF spectrum making it possible for spirits to hear us. The ELF borders on the frequencies that carry sound.  This may be the reason why good clear EVPs are rare. It may be the rare occurrence that a spirit EMF voice overlaps with our sound waves. There must be a way to increase the chances at communication.

Therefore, we must attempt to communicate with EMF if the theories above make sense and have any validity. Some investigators use EMF generators.  I would think that maybe this method is too "noisy", full of random EMFs. Maybe its the same as a noisy electric fan to us.  The fan would give off random EMFs as well as random sound frequencies that we would most probably irritate the human ear.


We propose to do a simple experiment.  We will utilize a basic amplified microphone connected through a volume control and attached to a small amplified speaker.  Speakers are designed with a voice coil (a coil of wire) which is adjacent to magnet.  When the amplified signal is sent to the speaker the coil moves back and forth by the magnet which not only vibrates the speaker cone to produce sound, but also naturally emits EMFs. The EMFs are very low but they increase with increased sound volume. We do not want to amplify it very much above the volume of the spoken human voice. We are not implying that the speaker will actually translate the spoken word into an equivalent EMF language, however, it may produce more organized EMFs for the spirits to 'hear'.

It may be possible that the spirits will be able to better interpret the questions presented in this manner during an organized EVP session. We hope to utilize this method in many sessions throughout 2010 and judge if we find an increase in captured EVPs or improvement in the quality. Results will be presented as we collect  them.

We will also combine this experiment with Experiment 1.


Disclaimer: The above assumes that spirits exist or a phenomenon exists that presents voices and sounds to recordings.  These are not necessarily the views of Nyack Paranormal and its associates but our research continues...

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