I saw my first apparition
and I wasn't looking for one...

Then I saw my SECOND!!



New York State Pavilion- Flushing Meadows Park-
Flushing Queens, New York
May 1, 2010



The pavilion is an abandoned building owned by the NYC Parks Department.  It was a highlight of the 1964-65 New York World's Fair with the highest tower at 226'. It was closed after the fair and reused as a skating rink in the 1970's.  Once segments of the colorful roof started blowing off from the wind, the rink was closed and the roof panels removed.  Since then the rooms within the building have been used as storage and a dump for the adjacent Queens Theater in the Park.  Over the years neglect for maintenance has turned the structure into a modern ruin.  Grassroots efforts over the years has keep interest in the buildings reuse and it has been placed on the World Monument Watch List and recently has been granted State Landmark status. Recently, with permission of the Park Commissioner, we have volunteered to put a coat of paint on the building to restore some dignity.  All paint an materials are donated and we have spent many hours getting the project started.  The early results are great.   Here’s a site all about the building: http://nywf64.com/newyor01.shtml


Early Saturday morning on May 1st, I arrived at least an hour earlier than the project leader John P. We needed to tackle a difficult section of the outer wall that was covered with moss and mildew, I figured I'd get a head start.  Before I broke out my tools I figured I'd go into the pavilion to gather the paint and supplies we stored from the last visit.  I decided to explore the adjacent rooms to where we left the supplies.


The structure is oval and there’s a big round courtyard (190’ diameter circle!) that has a terrazzo map of NY State on the floor (now covered in tarps, sand and gravel for preservation). Around the perimeter of the courtyard are several doors leading to rooms that are all used for storage of old sets and props for the adjacent theater, and lots of junk.  In the deeper sections you enter a room, then that leads to another room behind and sometimes a third room.

I went in to explore the deeper room with a flashlight.  You need to keep the flashlight pointing down as you walk to watch what you are stepping on since the floors are covered in trash.  I left the door wide open to the courtyard and much light was coming in to the outer room from the right.

I was heading out  looking down and just ahead of me and was about 3-4 feet from the doorway when I saw about 8 feet into the other room a person walk left to right toward the open door and into the next room, a lot of daylight was coming in just before 7AM. I also heard two shuffle noises, but that could have been birds outside, they like the structure.  I glanced up and caught a better glimpse for a couple of seconds before it was past my line of sight.  I immediately called out “hello” since I was afraid it may be human and didn’t want to run into a dangerous squatter even though the pavilion is locked up and off limits to the public. I took chase, looked immediately out in the courtyard which is huge and impossible for someone to get away within a few seconds and there was no sign of anybody, I looked in all the adjacent rooms and still nothing.  Also, after leaving my line of sight it was silent, anyone trying to maneuver the obstacles in these rooms would surely make noise, especially with stuff all over the floor.

I saw walking legs in blue pants sort of the color of blue jeans but I don’t think they were jeans, the top of the figure was a bit darker and harder to see since my main view I caught was when I was looking down and just ahead of me. Head area was more like a shadow, so it seems to fade as you look up toward the top of the figure. It was walking quickly but not running, I saw it take almost three steps.

This building was in use for only two years, many millions of people went through it and hundreds worked there.  There is a sense of loss when these fairs close and maybe it was too much for an individual and he went back to stay after he passed.

So, either my mind played tricks on me or someone is still there, I ruled out reflections, shadows from light, etc. FREAKY… We hope to investigate in the near future.


Taken from the lowest tower in 2009- shows the entrance door
to the area where the apparition was
Another view of the door and location
within the courtyard


A rough sketch of the area

Here is the view I saw.  Taken from the spot I was standing at the time of the sighting.  The figure appeared in front of the stack of chairs, took three steps toward the left and out of site.  We re-enacted the three steps and they coincided with what I saw. The stack of chairs is approximately 5' 9" tall, the same height that the figure may have been.


OH- by the way, here's what we want to accomplish with our project...


Sample section before paint Another section after paint-






A brief investigation
New York State Pavilion- Flushing Meadows Park-
Flushing Queens, New York
May 15, 2010

On the next volunteer day, NPI decided to investigate the area where I had seen the apparition.  We spent some time in the morning reproducing what I saw.  We set ourselves in the postion where I was and the appariton was. The movement and the the height made sense as to what I saw.  It was in proper proportion for distance and size as a human would be.  The movment matched too as we re-enacted the steps as I saw it.  By the evening we decided to run one voice recorder session inside the area of the sighting.  We did find one possible EVP which you can listen to HERE. At first it sounded like a breath however, when applyng a "New York accent" it may reveal a word in respnse to us searching for someone in the pavilion.  If you highlight with your mouse between the brackets you will see the word that we think it might be: [ "Here" sounding like 'he-ya" ]. We shall investigate further in the future.

My second sighting!
Place of work- Tarrytown NY
July 16, 2010
I was sitting at a desk by our workshop and receiving desk.  I was on my cell phone talking and looking on the computer monitor on the desk.
As I was talking someone walked in from the hallway and past me to my left.  It was about 9:45 AM. There is only one entrance into this area.  To my left there was about a three foot wide space between the edge of the open door and a bookcase.  The figure walked right past this opening and into the workshop.  I immediately told the person on the phone I had to get off because someone was there. I am the go to person for projects in the shop.  I jumped up and said the usual obligatory hello, but no one was there.  I looked around and nothing.  I checked all over in case I missed them going to an upstairs area, but they would have to come back past me.  Still nothing.
This figure was very much like the first.  Same height and same density, being less dense toward the top, with almost an indistinguishable head. This time what appeared to be blue jeans again were a bit darker in color.  It looked much like a person who works there so I asked them soon after and they were never back in that area. It appeared to take two steps to get past the opening between the door and the bookcase.  Upon analysis of the area, that seemed an appropriate gait.

View of desk, monitor and opening between door and bookcase (black unit on left)   The view from sitting at the desk.  Something walked by from right to left into the shop
A view back toward the desk, the apparition walked in on the left from the hallway, to the right past the bookcase   View into the shop, no other way our except for coming back the same way in
In conclusion there are people telling me its my father coming to see me.  Its possible.  Someone was killed in this building in the early 1980's I believe, not sure of the date but the death has been confirmed by two separate people who worked there at the time.  A worker was electrocuted by a 480v bus bar and very well toasted.  This occurred directly above this space on the next floor, maybe 25 feet from this spot.  It looked too much like my first sighting though. The most intriguing part of this story is that neither time was I looking for anything like this, it has appeared for me when I least expect it.

Any thoughts out there???


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