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Something New for 2010 – Innovation!

Posted on January 4th, 2010 by rickmoran in News

Equipment for paranormal investigators has come a long way and is now growing by leaps and bounds as interest expands to tens of thousands of everyday folk.  Gone are the days when a handful of writer/researchers dominated the landscape, and the best one could hope for was a new approach using the same limited tools.   No one was creating new gear, at best we learned to modify what was already available to other fields. Today of course, it seems that there are as many qualified engineers working to keep us supplied with the new necessities of the growing market place as there are users.  Some of the things you find on sale are useless, others so innovative that they boggle the mind. Here is a little look at what I think are possibly the most innovative as we enter a new decade.

Just a few years ago, Frank’s Box was the one and only dominant electronic communications device rocking our world, but it was not widely available.  Then came the Mini-Box, which eventually provided the market with a variety of devices, customized for the users, but relatively expensive.  The Radio Shack Hack, for want of a better name was inexpensive, but lacked the sophistication of either of its predecessors.   While the merits of the entire genre are still open for discussion, interest in “box” technology continues to grow.

Entering the fray this month is Gary Galka at DAS Distribution, the originator of the MelMeter (which deserves an article all of its own!) Gary, listening to dozens of Box gurus who had their own ideas about what they wanted in the box, and then set about to build a better mousetrap.  What they told Gary was apparently that it had to be affordable, multi-tasking and still have all the bells and whistles of the older devices…maybe a greater frequency range or even the utilization of new frequencies all together.  While the finished product is not yet on the market, word is that DAS is prepared to present their own version of the box that will meet all of the demands mentioned, at a price that is far below any other device currently on the market., within the month. 

They call that innovation!  But, it is something we expect from Gary and his crew, following through on that team’s concept of giving you multi-tasking research tools, like the MelMeter that is literally a handheld EMF device on steroids, at a price that again rivals the competition while giving you multiple devices in one simple system.

The rumor mill now says that Gary is working on a real time EVP recorder, capable of capturing Electronic Voice Phenomenon, while allowing the user to monitor what is being capture in real time… all in an affordable, easy to use compact handheld… but that is just rumor at the moment, keep an eye out for a release on that one.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are looking as some other really innovative tools for specific applications in the field.  For instance, a pressure sensitive planchette that has been jointly created by Mitch Silverstein at Nyack Paranormal and our old friend, Shannon Sylvia at GHI.  This is a unique tool for anyone interested in Ouija Board research and helps to answer the question, “Are you pushing the pointer?”  The most common question uttered when a board is in use.

Simply put, the iWay Planchette is pressure sensitive and shows you exactly how much force is being placed on the pointer from any participant… a great tool for the researchers who want to know, like my own ASUP who has undertaken a major investigation into the board using all sorts of high tech gear (more on that as it happens.) The device utilizes a LED readout on the planchette to show exactly how much pressure is being exerted that would explain “Travel” of the pointer over the board.  It has a second benefit; it can be utilized to teach a user to touch the planchette only slightly and reminds you if you begin to rest you fingers too heavily.  While interest in the Ouija Board is still controversial, this goes a long way to unravel some of the mystery surrounding its use.

Mitch is another “Gizmo” inventor who is not happy just wondering about things that go bump in the night, he has also created a device for those who are into dousing rods that can limit the manipulation of a rod by an individual… nifty stuff! 

Shannon has also created what is called the Shadow Detector Laser Beam display.  Again, the technology has been with us for a long time (remember playing with laser pointers – my kids drove our cat crazy!), but this new tool re-disburses  the beam so it floods the room with little pinpoints of light.  Why?  Well, the filter tip of the 20mhw green laser breaks the points up into hundreds of different beams to aim across large rooms or hall, thus illuminating things like  black shadow people crossing through the beams and actually absorbing the light. If you aim the light at a human the dots illuminate the human as with any other surface. If something paranormal passes through, you can see a complete black silhouette.

Like Gary Galka, Shannon and Mitch are not out to make a killing in the marketplace, these devices are extremely reasonable in price, so anyone with an interest can afford them and in this economy, that is in itself a blessing.

Of course we have to give a tip of the hat to the many other innovators in the field, the people who go out and experiment and find the best way to get results, whether we are talking about IR photography or simple communications gear so we can communicate at the scene.  Principal among them is our friend, Barry Fitzgerald of the GHI team, who really opened the door to an open exchange of ideas between the Gizmos of this field, be they working with a hundred dollar budget or thousands.  Without that openness and exchange, we would still be in the dark ages of research.  So give each other a pat on the back, that is what happens when we all pull together!

You can keep an eye here to learn more about what is new in the paranormal research field, or you can check on the web for direct links to the innovators themselves. Here are a few to begin your search with:

For information on the iWay Planchette or ghost laser, check out, www.shannonsylvia.com

You can see more of Mitch’s magic at, www.nyackparanormal.com

You can also take a look at some of Gary Galka’s nifty tools directly on U-Tube or contact DAS Distribution at http://dasdistribution.com or sales@pro-measure.com
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