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Nyack Paranormal takes a unique approach based on research and development. We challenge current beliefs, set up experiments to test them, apply critical thinking and review and then draw scientific conclusions from the data collected. We keep open and objective minds throughout the process. We work with other groups and individuals with a like minded approach and seek expertise in varying disciplines to withdraw facts from findings. We also believe in sharing our knowledge, experience and results as a way to advance the community. Our belief: Be Critical.

Mitch Silverstein

Founder | Scientist | Preservationist | Photographer | Tech


Mitch and his son Kevin founded Nyack Paranormal in 2008 after attending a public event in PA. Being very scientifically minded in career and hobby, the two set out to learn for themselves why so many people were easily successful in capturing "evidence of ghosts." They thought that they could dig deeper into the ghost hunting phenomenon by applying their analytical way of thinking and their knowledge of science to find answers. Since then they have been to many sites learning and experimenting. With degrees in Biology and Psychology (with an emphasis in Experimental Psychology), Mitch has been in the field of Biotechnology for over 30 years in both clinical and research laboratories. He started out as lab supervisor in various Human Genetics testing labs and ultimately held positions in Research Laboratory Operations with firms whose goal is drug discovery. Kevin began college as a Physics major in 2010 and will continue on to pursue his Ph.D. That same year Stephanie Bohn joined NPI and brought a wealth of experience in private investigations and case management. Nyack Paranormal maintains an open minded skeptical approach with objectivity, critical thinking and respect for locations and others beliefs.

Stephanie Bohn

History Enthusiast | Researcher | Preservationist | Writer


Stephanie has been interested in the idea of ghosts since she was a young child reading ghost stories. The rise of popularity in the “ghost hunting” TV shows introduced her to the notion of seeking them out in order to increase experiences and prove their existence. Since there was no way for her to know whether the shows were “real”, she needed to find out for herself. She joined a local group as historical researcher in 2008, conducting deed searches at local courthouses to glean more information about properties before residential investigations. She eventually became case manager and has much experience interviewing and interacting with people who believed their homes to be haunted. History is her first love however, and Stephanie particularly enjoyed visiting historic sites. Stephanie met Mitch at the Shanley Hotel, and was intrigued by the idea that his group was more interested in the “whys” of ghostly interactions. Since Stephanie had already had multiple experiences she was not able to explain and also had a logical and analytical mind, she felt she would be able to help Mitch in his pursuit of knowledge. She joined NPI in 2010 and her experience with the first group, along with her prior hobbies of writing, knowledge through research, and history/historic preservation, has helped her in this endeavor. Stephanie’s initial reasons for joining a group involved a strong desire to KNOW, and she feels she is more likely to reach that goal with NPI.


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