Historic Fort Mifflin
Our 2nd Visit

November 6, 2010 Philadelphia, PA
Please check out the Fort Mifflin link to the right and do what you can to lend your support (click on photo).

We helped at an event to help support Fort Mifflin's continued efforts to operate as a national treasure.
We had the opportunity to meet new people and investigate most areas of the fort. 

We helped set up the event and we escorted a group to several locations throughout the night.


We ventured with the group over to the west gate or Sally Port  The wooden gate leads outside the wall to the moat.  This is where we caught two EVP's during our first visit. Just inside the gate on either side there is a small room with a couple of bunk beds inside.  We settled in to the room on the left with all people in the group present.  The audio is presented below: At the 10 second mark there appears to be knocking outside the room from the gate area which everyone responds to.  At the 58 second mark there are scraping noises from the gate which people also respond to, however, the noise itself is not clear on the recording (manipulation of the audio is possible to enhance the noise, however, this audio is presented as a raw, unenhanced recording).


  (C) 2013 NyackParanormal
Special thanks to PARA (Robyn M.) for allowing us to help and organizng a successful event.