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HC 3.10- Gold Rush Ghost
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30:30- Room 1- Aimee on bed- leaning on headboard and pillows.

30:54- View in bathroom cam with faucet off

30:55- Suddenly faucet handle turns on- handle ever so slightly above 9 oíclock position

31:08- Room 1 Aimee gets up off of bed to head to faucet- notice messed up uneven pillows

31:18- In Bathroom notice handle a little higher than last position (implies that the handle pull was filmed out of sequence, before or after the investigation.  I am leaning towards it being done after because nowhere in the episode do they actually comment on catching the handle move, at the time they didnít know what the producers were likely to film) AND a floor standing fan magically appears to the right of the frame!

31:38- DVR cam Room 1- the sheet lift- notice pillows are even and neat- also camera view angle a little different

32:08- Aimee and Jason return to Room 1 to check out the sheet lift and you see the pillows are messed and uneven again (obviously the rigged sheet, maybe with monofilament line, was likely filmed after the investigation, possibly before, but certainly didnít happen in the order presented. The camera angle and view likely changed to hide the rigging for the sheet)

34:24- Aimee mentions the faucet handles are loose which implies itís easy to rig with a wire to turn on.

34:47- Room 1 shown with investigators for a moment.  Itís likely added footage filmed out of sequence since the pillows are neat and the camera view is the same as the rigged sheet view.

35:01- K2 meter shown in hand with power on- first green light remains on after powered on.  Notice that a thumb is not needed to maintain power, has built in switch, not a momentary switch.

35:35- K2 close-up, maybe stock footage but it shows a fake Ďhití on the meter.  When a K2 is turned on it flashes  a bunch as a self test but the first green light will remain on unless powered off,  You can see the first green light go off which means the power was cycled and you are seeing the self test not an EMF spike.

35:44- Looks like the same K2 clip was used again

36:16- Jessalyn claims she is being touched and you see her hair behind her left ear a bit messy and sticking out.

36:21 > 36:29- Jessalynís hair still messed

36:30- Jessalynís hair is neat ( this implies that there is heavy editing going on, any scene can be reshot at any time, that does not bode well for presenting Ďevidenceí as it likely didnít occur at that moment or at all)

37:02- Same K2 clip as used twice before

37:37- Dress on bed moves. What credibility is left at this point to be anything more than a set up for entertainment purposes?